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Your solution to vacant property.
Anti kraak, Alvast beheert tijdelijk leegstaand vastgoed d.m.v. tijdelijke bewoning. Anti kraak, vastgoed bescherming en tijdelijke bewoning.

The Concept

Reducing the Risk of Vacancy.

When buildings are empty they are exposed to many risks that are directly associated with vacancy such as Vandalism, Burglary, Illegal entry and use (illegal parties), Strom damage and General degradation. Alvast proactively minimizes these risks and ensures the building remains in good condition. Our standard service offers a combination of two general concepts:


With this concept we carefully select living areas within your property. When selecting these areas, we take into account the sensitivity to burglary & vandalism and the most efficient use of energy. We appoint caretakers who will reside in the living areas for the service period. By placing the Caretakers in the property we arrange for continuous 24/7 monitoring that will alert us, and you, to any abnormality immediately.


The temporary occupation of the caretaker in your premises is a strong proactive deterrent for many of the risks caused by the property being vacant.
Additionally, Alvast will perform regular reviews of the premises to make sure all is in order. In the unlikely event that issues arise we will inform you immediately. In most cases Alvast will be able to solve the issue on your behalf.
This ensures your property remains in good condition and will avoid unnecessary costs in the future.
The short notice period within the contracts mean that you are in full control of the premises and remain flexible for any future plans or opportunities that may arise.

Reducing Cost of Vacancy.

1- Costs of monitoring

Many property owners and management companies hire security guards and/or install CCTV. These measures, although thorough, are only reactive and in most instances only alert An Garda who then needs to take action.

2- Potential costs of delays in maintenance

Also, any damage to the premises will be noticed immediately. When damage is not repaired in a timely manner the costs can easily spiral out of control.

Now think of security in real terms: the Alvast Concept of Caretakers residing in the property provides continuous monitoring! Alvast will alert you immediately in case of any inconsistencies.
Alvast offers an excellent alternative that is both a proactive deterrent and offers continuous monitoring.
ALVAST OFFERS ITS STANDARD SERVICE FOR FREE and TAILOR MADE solution can be discussed at any time!