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Your solution to vacant property.
Anti kraak, Alvast beheert tijdelijk leegstaand vastgoed d.m.v. tijdelijke bewoning. Anti kraak, vastgoed bescherming en tijdelijke bewoning.

Why Alvast?


For your comfort, the contracts we use are vetted by a well known solicitors firm and give full protection to the property owner. We have received the opinion of Senior Counsel on the content of our contracts and this is available upon registration.
The contracts ensure that the Caretaker cannot obtain any statutory rights to remain in occupation contrary to the owners wishes when contracts come to an end.

Control on your premises

The temporary occupation of the Caretaker in the premises is a strong proactive deterrent for most of the risks caused by the property being unoccupied.
Additionally, the premises will be subject to a full control review at the start of the service period, and small maintenance can be performed on behalf of the owner.
Alvast Property Services Ltd. will perform regular reviews of the premises during the service period to make sure all is in order. In the unlikely event that issues arise we will inform you immediately. In most cases Alvast will be able to solve the issue on your behalf.

Low Costs

The only commitment we request the property owner to make is to ensure the building is habitable and the EBS bills are taken care of. An Alvast registration fee applies per building.

Responsible Caretakers

We have the strictest policies on selection of Caretakers. Only respectable and responsible Caretakers are selected so we have the right person to mind your property.
It is Alvast policy to limit the number of Caretakers per building to the minimum.

Online visibility

All information relating to the Caretaker who is residing in your property, energy use (gas, electricity) and actions we have taken on your behalf (repair work) are reported on via our website where you can access your account online at any time. Try it: login Alvast, password, Security.

Over the years we have been a step ahead in understanding that every situation is different and every client has different needs:
Flexibility and Customer Services are guaranteed with Alvast!